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 1st Priority HVAC Solutions began when John Chisholm and Austin Walker found they had a shared vision and work ethic. In modern day south Mississippi, air conditioning and heating has become less of a luxury and more of a necessity. Homes are no longer designed for air movement without HVAC equipment and the most vulnerable of the population will suffer without adequate heat and cooling. With a combined experience of 11 years in the industry working on both commercial and residential projects and an additional 7 years in related industries, John and Austin saw over and over the results of a poorly planned and executed job. Malfunctioning equipment can cause not only the complete breakdown of the unit, but can also cause damage to property and to the health of the occupants if not installed and maintained properly. The decline in available skilled labor combined with companies focused more on profit than performance highlighted for both men the need for a company which would be customer-centered and service-oriented. 



  • Be owners that take an interest in every job and every customer
  • Employ men and women with the capacity and desire to learn the trade under the supervision of skilled, licensed tradesmen 
  • Have one employee who takes ownership of each project and sees the job through from start to finish
  • Offer maintenance after the sale and installation of new equipment at a reasonable price point
  • Focus on customer education, including a reminder system for filter changes and other routine maintenance.
  • Assess the client’s needs and be able to offer multiple solutions with a recommendation for the optimal solution as well as the most cost-efficient one.
  • Be invested in the community in which it operates.
  • Earn and keep a current license with the MS State Board of Contractors. 

License #22356-SC



You have choices when work needs to be done on your home or business.  You may have called the same company you've used for years simply because you've used them for years or because you've been told your parts warranty is only good if your unit is serviced by the company who installed it.  We work on all units and honor all parts warranties.

 We are one of only 3 HVAC contractors in our area licensed by the MS State Board of Contractors and are insured for your protection.  Ask your current technician if he can say the same!

Use the following link for verification: 

MS BOC License Verification

If you know your A/C tech a little too well, because he's been to your home a few too many times, call 1st Priority HVAC Solutions.  

We're always open and we don't charge you extra for service calls outside of usual business hours.  We work with your schedule because your comfort is our 1st priority.

John Chisholm 601-754-2411

Austin Walker 601-551-0773